Stealthy Cosplay: The Sneaky Art of Cosplay

Lady Sif - McComb Photography Barbarianna - William Tan's Photography Lady Hawke - Soloman Chiniquay Photography
Lady Sif – McComb Photography
Barbarianna – William Tan’s Photography
Lady Hawke – Soloman Chiniquay Photography

In her own words…

“I began making costumes and props in 2013, started doing commissions in 2014, and did my first competition in 2015. 2016 holds more competitions, lots of traveling, the growing of my Etsy shop, and hopefully even more commission work.”  

Jack Nickelz: So tell us what first got you started in Cosplay?

Stealthy Cosplay: My friend actually suggested that we go to the Calgary Expo in 2013. Growing up I had been in theatre and in high school my friends and I would have themed parties where everyone came in costume so dressing up was nothing new. We decided to go for a day and went as the Doctor and Amy Pond from Doctor Who. As soon as I walked through the doors and saw the other costumes I knew this is what I needed to be doing for a hobby.

Jack Nickelz: What was your first Cosplay outfit?

Stealthy Cosplay: Technically my first one was the Doctor from Doctor Who. The first one I made though was Lady Sif from the Thor comics.

Jack Nickelz: How was it going to a convention in full gear?11173343_419297868278849_4260092161021474341_n

Stealthy Cosplay: It is kind of scary the first time. I remember wearing Lady Sif and being so nervous that no one would know who I was or people would tell me all that was wrong with it. Once I walked in though it took about 1 minute for someone to yell “Yeah Lady Sif!” and then I had fun the rest of the day and loved it.

Jack Nickelz: What has been some of your fav. Cosplays to do?

Stealthy Cosplay: Definitely Lady Sif. However I finished Barbarianna from Kung Fury in Sept and I had a blast making and wearing it. Plus I get to carry a huge mini-gun!

Jack Nickelz: Do you have a Cosplay that you are becoming known for?

Stealthy Cosplay: I wouldn’t say I am becoming known in the Cosplay world, but I am definitely known as Lady Sif among my friends. I get people sending me messages all the time about her. “Did you see she is going to be on Agents of Shield??” so it is kind of cool that people associate me with her a bit.

Jack Nickelz: How do you pick which Cosplay to do?

Stealthy Cosplay: I picked either based on a character I really love or a design I really love. For example I did Lady Sif because I think she is super bad ass and I love the character and I am doing Thranduil because I am completely in love with his costume design. I have to be in love with some aspect of the character or design or else I will just lose interest and want to move on to something else.

Jack Nickelz: How long does it normally take you to do a Cosplay?

Stealthy Cosplay: It can take me anywhere from a couple days to a couple months to complete a costume. I put together Lady Hawke in about a week. Barbarianna took me 150 hours over 2 months. It really depends which materials and techniques I am using.

Jack Nickelz: What’s the hardest Cosplay that you have had to do?


Stealthy Cosplay: I think the hardest Cosplay I have had to do would be Frigga. I made the costume for my mom and it was a lot of firsts for me. First time sewing a full dress (it even has 3 layers), first time trying chainmail, first time make a full back and breastplate, and first time having to style a wig. I also had to do a lot without her since we did not live in the same house so that made it difficult too.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you admire?

Stealthy Cosplay: Kamui Cosplay! She got me into the worbla for sure. Also Holly Conrad. I met her at the Edmonton Expo in 2014 and she gave me a confidence boost for sure.

Jack Nickelz: Are there any Cosplays that you had to adjust because they were too revealing?

Stealthy Cosplay: I adjusted Asuna (not yet done) and Barbarianna a bit to make them reveal a bit less. Only because I am not the most confident person when it comes to my body. I am working on it though and I am better then I was a couple years ago. I have a revealing one I am planning for the 2016 Edmonton Expo so we will see what happens!

Jack Nickelz: Why do you think that Cosplay is becoming more main stream?11150193_381513495390620_9158203645983753929_n

Stealthy Cosplay: I think it is fantastic! It is a great hobby and a really creative outlet. I love seeing new people try it out and having fun with it.

Jack Nickelz: What do family and friends think about your Cosplaying?

Stealthy Cosplay: For the most part they think it is cool. My mom also Cosplays now which I and my friends think is awesome. My dad is always telling people about it too. My brother and his girlfriend have both come to my rescue and helped me out with painting when I have a deadline fast approaching. In regards to friends, all my friends are people I met through Cosplay so they are totally cool with it tongue emoticon

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts on people saying Cosplay is becoming too corporate?

Stealthy Cosplay: I think people are allowed to think what they want about it. Not everyone will have the same views and opinions. I do agree with this a little bit. I am seeing more and more people are getting into the hobby to make a career out of it. To make money off prints, to get invited to conventions, etc… I think people need to realize that Cosplay is a fun hobby and if something happens great, but you shouldn’t start it because you want to become famous.

Jack Nickelz: What future Cosplays can we expect to see from you this year?

Stealthy Cosplay: Thranduil for sure. Him and his glorious armor! Then I am hoping for Leisel Van Helsing, comic version, Lady Sif 2.0, maybe a Harry Potter Cosplay, and maybe my own design. We will see what I have time and motivation for.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Stealthy Cosplay: Thanks for reading this! And for everyone to keep having fun and being creative. Cosplay is a great hobby and you meet so many cool people so just keep doing it, or try it out, learn new things, and meet great people!

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