Here at CCU we have had a chance to meet, connect and network with some good people. So this is the spot where we will try to help those people any way that we can. Consider this our “Friends of CCU” Pages.


Guysnation (Click Picture)

We help spread the word about stuff guys are interested in. Not just to guys, but to anyone interested. And we provide a space for people to talk about that stuff, too. This is also the site that I write for and give me the motivation to create CCU. Without Guysnation, I most likely wouldn’t have created CCU. It’s a great site with a bunch of cool people. You can also check them out at

10446589_1443370299248239_1523451734649817962_nLove Your Cosplay Body (Click Picture)

Love Your Cosplay Body is about acceptance of yourself and others. It’s about defending the rights for ANY ONE to Cosplay ANY idea for ANY occasion.


ICosplay Magazine (Click Picture)

iCosplay is dedicated to Promoting the Art of Cosplay through its Semi-Annual Magazine, Merchandise, Conventions, and Social Media. You can also check them out at


8 Bit Bakeshop (Click Picture)

Welcome to 8 Bit Bakeshop – where the cake is NEVER a lie! Our goal at 8 Bit is to bridge the gaming generation gap using the one platform everyone can agree on – FOOD! You can also check them out at