Evie Frye: Cosplay the Fuck Outta That

Cosplay is not my thing. I love the idea. I’m pretty awful at the execution. Both the crafting and the staying in character somehow end up just out of reach for me. I’m not theatrical. I’m not as detail oriented as good cosplay needs to be. I always feel just a little bit awkward because it’s not my jam.

However, I often think about the characters that I’d want to cosplay and why. So, in an ongoing series this year “Cosplay the Fuck Outta That”, I’m going to explore characters I want to cosplay and why I love them.

Evie Frye
Image courtesy HONnation

Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. As a woman who games, of course, I’d buy the video game with the female lead. As a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, ‘ve been waiting to be a beautiful woman dressed beautifully, killing violently. Yes, I’d played Liberation on the Vita. I loved Aveline. My biggest issue was that when she was in pretty clothes, she was unable to function as an assassin. If you wanted to play a pretty girl who kicked ass, climbed shit, and wore pretty dresses?

Aveline was not for you. It was a definite flaw in the game.

Evie, though. Evie is red-haired and be-freckled. I totally jam to that. As a wanna-be ginger with pale skin and occasional sun-induced freckles, I admit that Evie speaks to me. However, my cosplay desire for Evie goes beyond the mere physical traits of the character. See when playinG Evie, her clothes empower her as opposed to hindering her.

Evie Frye
Image courtesy Jammie Dodger Gaming

Not only is she pretty. Evie is much more practical than her errant, vaguely disorganized brother. The character is a straight talking, focused woman. She wants the piece of Eden, forget about all that social justice stuff. If she’s not undermining Templars, she doesn’t care.

Her mental strength compliments her physical strength. Evie kills people in the most graceful way I’ve ever seen. She spins and slices and stealthily assassinates with finesse.

The best part of Evie, however, are her Victorian era clothes. Now, I have to own my childhood fascination with Victorian bustles and brocades. The richness of the sensory input from the various cloths. The dark colors. All of this combined with the dirt and grime of the Industrial Revolution. Ever since Samantha from the 1980’s American Girls collection (not this new stuff, but the old school one), I’ve had a fascination with the seedy underbelly of the Victorian era. Evie represents this beautifully.

Evie Frye
Image courtesy Game Video

And her clothes. Those clothes are rich in color (that green ensemble? Mmmfff). The clothes have meaning, as well. Not only are they beautiful, but the different cloaks add to her stealth. The more beautifully adorned the cloak, the more expensive, the more stealth. This combination of rich material and functionality defines her personality.

Then there are the weapons. Oh the weapons. The bejeweled, sparkly weapons that kill so elegantly. I want those weapons. I want to wield those weapons.

In the end, the reason I want to cosplay the hell out of Evie is that she’s a brilliant, beautiful BAMF.

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