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“I’m a Cosplayer from Connecticut, USA. I’ve been Cosplaying for almost 3 years, and love traveling to out of state cons. I like to maintain a page full of positivity and acceptance towards both Cosplayers and admirers. If you would like to work with me, or follow my page, I can be reached at http://www.facebook.com/astralmuse01

Jack Nickelz: So tell us what first got you started in Cosplay?

Elly Snow: I’ve always had an interest in Cosplay. Even when I was a kid, playing dress-up was my absolute favorite thing to do. However, I had always admired Cosplayers from afar, thinking that the only con was San Diego ComicCon, and that was the only place Cosplay was ‘allowed’ to exist. When I first met my boyfriend, he took me to a very small local con, and lo and behold, there were Cosplayers! Once I saw that, I pretty much bolted to the craft store and got to work on my first Cosplay.

Jack Nickelz: What was your first Cosplay outfit?

Elly Snow: Fluttershy from My Little Pony. I really went all-out and didn’t pace myself at all, making a million mistakes whilst buying really pricey components to make the outfit complete. But she was super comfortable to wear and I still think it looked pretty okay as far as first Cosplays go.

Jack Nickelz: How was it going to a convention in full gear?13626977_518532401672229_8527956533400696392_n

Elly Snow: It was absolutely nerve-wracking. I am an anxious person in the first place, so all the way there I was thinking ‘this is a huge mistake, they’re all gonna point and laugh because I’m fat. How dare I Cosplay? I wanna go home’. The anxiety carried over into the convention for all of a half hour, and before I knew it, I was having the time of my life. I remember crying on Saturday night because I didn’t want it to end!

Jack Nickelz: What has been some of your fav. Cosplays to do?

Elly Snow: It’s so hard to pick, but I really enjoy wearing my Totoro 2.0. It’s super comfortable and a lot of people seem to like it. A close second is definitely Catbug. So many people were asking me to drop my sugar peas, and I was happy to get that reaction.

Jack Nickelz: Do you have a Cosplay that you are becoming known for?

Elly Snow: I don’t want to jump the gun on this, but my Catbug photo sets have been getting shared around Facebook lately, so I’d have to say that one. Good thing that’s one of my favorite Cosplays to wear! I’ll absolutely be breaking it out on Sunday at Connecticon, and for other future cons.

Jack Nickelz: How do you pick which Cosplay to do?

Elly Snow: I’m really drawn to non-human characters that I feel a personal connection with. I feel it gives me a lot of creative freedom to take the essence of a character and express who they are through what I wear, rather than following a specific pattern or ‘correct’ way. However, there are some human and humanoid characters with specific outfits that I am considering for future Cosplays.

Jack Nickelz: How long does it normally take you to do a Cosplay?

Elly Snow: Normally, around 2 months. This doesn’t include the planning portion, however, which can take up to a month and a half.

Jack Nickelz: What’s the hardest Cosplay that you have had to do?

Elly Snow: Lumpy Space Princess. I had a version of her back in 2014 that I was completely unhappy with, and just wore an improved version to Katsucon 2016. She was a very difficult character to get a grasp on, since she can be interpreted in so many different ways. I finally landed on a Prom coming style, which includes youthful formal attire.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you admire? Brichibi Cosplays, Misa on Wheels, and Dustbunny. They’ve each inspired me in their own unique ways to get out there and Cosplay whoever I want, and to encourage others to do the same. Give their pages a look if you haven’t already. Truly incredible work all around.

Jack Nickelz: Are there any Cosplays that you had to adjust because they were too revealing?13507163_515358585322944_1575485006681890406_n

Elly Snow: Not really. Like I said, I usually design my own based on non-human characters and I make sure everything is adjusted accordingly. I think the farthest I’ve gone is adding a shrug or something to short sleeve and sleeveless Cosplays because I’ve always been sensitive about my arms.

Jack Nickelz: Why do you think that Cosplay is becoming more main stream?

Elly Snow: Because we have shows like Heroes of Cosplay and a lot of media coverage around ComicCon. We also seem to have more retail items catering specifically to Cosplayers, and that obviously brings attention to it.

Jack Nickelz: What do family and friends think about your Cosplaying?

Elly Snow: It kinda depends on who you ask. Almost all of them have been very supportive, since I was headed down a really destructive path before I started, and they’re happy to see me bringing my passions to life in a constructive manner. Some others insist that I should ‘just grow up already’. I’ve already been living on my own for a while, and have a full time job. So what’s more grown up than digging yourself out of a ditch and learning to love life through a great hobby? I can’t think of too many things. And of course, I thank the supportive people in my life every chance I get. They’ve helped me stay on track with Cosplay more than anyone or anything else ever could.

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts on people saying Cosplay is becoming too corporate?13260275_501446450047491_4288424742731106503_n

Elly Snow: I think as long as what you’re doing is ethical, I don’t mind people making money off of Cosplay too much. Paid Cosplay models are fine by me, as are Cosplayers who sell prints, etc. What does bother me, however, is seeing Cosplayers try to make money off of someone else’s work, claiming it as their own. To me, that is outright thievery. Heck, I consider it thievery even if you’re not paid! I also don’t particularly mind items marketed specifically towards Cosplayers. If it exists, someone’s making a business out of it. That doesn’t mean we’re limited to what’s marketed towards us. There’s always the option to go buy something else.

Jack Nickelz: What future Cosplays can we expect to see from you this year?

Elly Snow: I’m adding three new Cosplays this summer. A 1940’s inspired Mega Venusaur from Pokemon; a ladylike version of Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s; and a burlesque version of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Ursula is commission, and I am still debating whether I’ll be wearing her at night during Connecticon, or just doing a boudoir shoot. I’ll probably go for the former.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Elly Snow: Always be yourself. Don’t start or get involved in drama. Don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t or shouldn’t Cosplay, because you totally can. I don’t care who you are, everyone has the right to do what makes them happy, so get your fabulous self out there and be happy! If it’s not for you, that’s cool too. Just remember that we all have to be nice to each other, and respect that we’re all different. Thank you for supporting me, and if you see me, please come up and say hi, it always makes my week. I look forward to seeing you all around!

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