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Purple Tulip does has graced the Cosplay world with a variety of Cosplays from Jubilee to Mizukage. Being a very confident full figured Cosplayer, Purple is a role model for all those who may not fit the anime image but still want to be a part of Cosplay. Recently I was able to get in contact with her in order to ask her a few questions from the CCU fans.

Jack Nickelz: So tell us what first got you started in Cosplay?

Purple Tulip: I first began my interest in Cosplay through YouTube and during that time I didn’t know what Cosplay was. I was just so fascinated by the costumes and the skits. I wanted to do the same until one of my friends, who was also my coworker at that time, told me about Cosplay and how there were events where many people showed up in costume. To my luck, there was an event that summer so I decided to gather a group of friends and Cosplay together which was also our first time. It was an amazing experience and I fell in love with the hobby so I decided to continue it.

Jack Nickelz: What was your first Cosplay outfit?

Purple Tulip: My first Cosplay outfit was Soi Fong from Bleach. I just thought she was an awesome character apart from the fact that she is also short like myself

Photo Credit: Suckseeding Photography

Jack Nickelz: How was it going to a convention in full gear?

Purple Tulip: Going to a convention in full gear was so awkward to me. My mind kept thinking “What if I’m the only one dressed?” and people on the streets would be staring as well, wondering what on earth was going on. I eventually got used it of course.

Jack Nickelz: What has been some of your fav. Cosplays to do?

Purple Tulip: My favorite Cosplays has been the Mizukage from Naruto, Tiffany from Chucky’s Bride, and Fiona from Shrek.

Jack Nickelz: Do you have a Cosplay that you are becoming known for?

Purple Tulip: I’d like to think since most of the people I hang out with and talk to are Naruto fans, I’m known for the Mizukage the most and soon it’ll be Tenten haha

Jack Nickelz: How do you pick which Cosplay to do?

Purple Tulip: I choose depending how motivated I am to work on it. Also if I feel that I will reuse that Cosplay over and over again, then I work on it.

Jack Nickelz: How long does it normally take you to do a Cosplay?

Purple Tulip: I am slow at sewing and I don’t like to rush on things so depending on the details, I would say about 2-3 weeks with resting moments. I like to start on my Cosplays as soon as possible before an event.

Jack Nickelz: What’s the hardest Cosplay that you have had to do?

Purple Tulip: I think every Cosplay is difficult for me since I always end up getting frustrated. Haha I would say Ukyo from Ranma 1/2. It doesn’t look too difficult but there are some details I felt I needed to get right plus I needed to work on a giant spatula.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you admire?

Purple Tulip: Personally I admire everyone because their skills are so different from mine and I always learn from them whether they just began to Cosplay or have many years of experience.

Jack Nickelz: Are there any Cosplays that you had to adjust because they are too revealing?

Purple Tulip: I refuse to have any Cosplays that reveal too much skin. The only Cosplay I did have that revealed skin was Sindel from Mortal Kombat but that’s my only exception because I love that character so much and her outfit is revealing anyway. Other than that, I don’t have a Cosplay that I needed to adjust because they were too revealing.

Jack Nickelz: How did you come up with your name?

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Purple Tulip: I had the most difficult time finding a name that I liked. At first I was PurpleDreams, then Miri Cosplay, and now I’m PurpleTulip. Purple being my favorite color and Tulip being my favorite flower.

Jack Nickelz: Are you shocked with the reaction you get from other Cosplayers and Cosplay supporters?

Purple Tulip: I am because I’m not used to having people support me in something I enjoy to do. I’m always nervous to get a negative comment because majority of Cosplayers have received some negativity and that’s something I don’t want. It doesn’t mean I don’t have thick skin, I just don’t like negativity.

Jack Nickelz: What do your friends and family think of your Cosplaying?10352737_420292718110434_4481923714160046551_n

Purple Tulip: My friends think it’s so cool because I do everything from scratch and end up looking as the character. My family on the other hand is slowly warming up. Coming from a Hispanic family, they consider this extremely weird so I’m still the weird/ crazy child of the family because I have always been involved in things that require my creativity such as acting, dancing, and now Cosplay.

Jack Nickelz: What future Cosplays can we expect to see from you this year?

Purple Tulip: This year I’ll be working on steampunk Maleficent, a Sailor Venus design by Noflutter, Tenten from Naruto the Last, Maka from Soul Eater, and hopefully Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Purple Tulip: You’re welcome. Thank you for this opportunity. All I have to say to everyone is to never be afraid to do something you enjoy. Just keep in mind that you only have one life to live and you might as well live it by doing something you love whether it’s Cosplay or not. There’s always a group of people that will support you no matter what

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