ConnectiCon 2016

Live from the Convention Center the ConnectiCon has returned. This time with some new moving parts. To some it has been a hit…to some it has been a miss. And to some…it is a chance to chase Pokemon with Pokemon go!!! To me, it was a great way to see some amazing work from some very talented Cosplayers. From some very simple stuff ro things that look like people had a movie budget to play with.

Not able to do my press thing this year, I did my Photographer thing outside and got some great shots and meet some really cool people. One of the things that made me smile is the fact that I saw a few families there…full dressed in Cosplay. Even our own, Karen V was in attendance as a Titan with her son rock the Survey corps gear. I got a real cool picture of them.

That has always been the biggest thing I have admired about ConnectiCon is how friendly the people are. People were happy to see others and reconnect with friends and Cosplayers they know from online. Now enough talking. Let me allow you to get to the real reason why you are here…THE PICTURES!!!!

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