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Noire from Fire Emblem, photo by LJinto Hawke frome Dragon Age 2, photo by Photosnxs Cassandra from Dragon Age Inquisition, photo by Ljinto Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji, photo by Benny Lee Photography

She has won:

Best Craftsmanship & Fan Favourite – Vayne Solidor w/FF12 group – MetroCon 2008
Best Craftsmanship – Kuja w/FF9 group – NekoCon 2008
Judge’s Award – Edward (FFIV) – IchibanCon 2010
Best Overall Performance – Mammon w/Umineko group [all credit goes to group] – Anime Boston 2010
Best in Show – Izanagi w/Persona 4 group – Anime Boston 2011
Best Comedic Skit – Tetsuya Goda w/Star Driver Group – Fanime 2011
Best in Show Masters Divison – Rainbow Dash Gala Dress [all credit to Rose0fMay] w/MLP group – DragonCon 2012
1st Place ACP Air Gear Contest #1 – Lind Wanijima
Best Place ACP Air Gear Contest #2 – Ringo
5th Place ACP Black Butler S1 Contest – Madam Red

Now she can add one more awesome thing to her list. Being in the HOT SEAT for CCU!!!

Jack Nickelz: So tell us what first got you started in Cosplay?1405_533226740077460_1716455737_n

BUR LOIRE: Back in 2005 I was going through some sports related injuries/physical therapy and found myself with a ton of extra time, and one of my really good friends suggested I go to a convention in Atlanta, GA with her for the weekend. I walked into the hotel and was really blown away by all these people dressed up as characters we all loved. I came back the next year with my first Cosplay in tow, haha!

Jack Nickelz: What was your first Cosplay outfit?

BUR LOIRE: Kyuuzou from Samurai 7! I adore the original Kurasawa film it was based on, The Seven Samurai, and S7 is a FANTASTIC anime! I’d recommend people check it out!

Jack Nickelz: How was it going to a convention in full gear?

BUR LOIRE: It depends on the Cosplay honestly, some are really uncomfortable to wear but the reaction you get in the big/fancy ones is pretty fun. But I’ve done some small side character costumes from a game or anime and when people who also love that series recognize you and come up to talk to you about it, it’s also awesome~

Jack Nickelz: What has been some of your fav. Cosplays to do?

BUR LOIRE: Oh man, I’ve made/worn over 200, I HAVE SO MANY great memories! But definitely a few highlights are Kuja (Final Fantasy 9), Vayne Solidor (Final Fantasy XII), Bayonetta, Izanagi (Persona 4) and also all my Sengoku Basara costumes (I have like 7, lol)

Jack Nickelz: Do you have a Cosplay that you are becoming known for?

BUR LOIRE: Ah well, I think back in 2009 coscom featured my first Kuja costume and I met a lot of people that way who were big FF9 fans. Same with my Saikou designed Kefka (FF6) on deviantart I’ve been Cosplaying for a long time so I feel like I basically know everyone LOL . I have so many costumes too, it’s hard to nail down just one everyone knows me for haha!

Jack Nickelz: How do you pick which Cosplay to do?

1920634_641842309215902_186991795_n (1)

BUR LOIRE: Basically I always find a character I LOVE and that’s usually who I end up Cosplaying. Sometimes in groups I’ll pick someone that fits my style if someone else might Cosplay my favorite character better, like if my fave was really tall (I’m 5’5″ lol) and we had a really tall dude wanna Cosplay that guy I’d be like hell yeah! And then Cosplay that character’s best friend or something LOL

Jack Nickelz: How long does it normally take you to do a Cosplay?

BUR LOIRE: Depends! If there is armor or complicated designs or fabrics it could take from a month or more, I’m currently working on a costume from the video game, NieR, of the “teenage” version of Nier and I’m hand stenciling the designs on the costume and I’ve been working on this on and off since August of 2015

Jack Nickelz: What’s the hardest Cosplay that you have had to do?

BUR LOIRE: Hmmm that’s a hard question; honestly I’d probably have to say either Vayne (FFXII) or Izanagi (Persona 4). For both of those costumes they were (at the time) way out of my ability range LOL. I’d never tried to make anything like those costumes previously and I learned a lot working on them! Looking back at them now I’m like oh gosh they look horrible, maybe someday I’ll remake them hahaha

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you admire?

BUR LOIRE: All of my friends <3

Jack Nickelz: Are there any Cosplays that you had to adjust because they were too revealing?

BUR LOIRE: Not really! I don’t do a lot of really revealing costumes, and the ones I have done I’m always wearing dance tights, so it feels like I’m wearing skin tone leggings and it doesn’t feel that revealing to me haha!1176410_551011501632317_1568080473_n

Jack Nickelz: Why do you think that Cosplay is becoming more main stream?

BUR LOIRE: It helps that companies are realizing how marketable it is, plus there are some real go getters out there who are bringing the hobby to the main stream and that’s cool!

Jack Nickelz: What do family and friends think about your Cosplaying?

BUR LOIRE: LOL well I met most of my closest friends through Cosplaying and my parents don’t really mind, cause I get to travel all over and see cool stuff

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts on people saying Cosplay is becoming too corporate?

BUR LOIRE: Honestly I don’t pay attention or care, I Cosplay to have fun with my friends and Cosplay “fame” or making it my full time job aren’t things I care about or intend to pursue haha

Jack Nickelz: What future Cosplays can we expect to see from you this year?

BUR LOIRE: I have a few I am very excited about! I’m planning on Cosplay Sir Fratley (FF9), Queen Amidala/Sabre [Black Invasion Dress] (Star Wars Ep1), Narcissa Malfoy (Harry Potter) and probably a bunch more~

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

BUR LOIRE: Thanks for asking questions *A* <3

Y’all have fun Cosplaying/creating/playing, now yah hear!

For more on BUR LOIRE, check out:

http://www.burloire.deviantart.com   http://www.acparadise.com/acp/display.php?a=39577 

http://burloire.tumblr.com/   http://www.cosplay.com/member/35741/

https://twitter.com/burloire  https://www.facebook.com/burloirecosplay/

photo by Double Stomp Productions
photo by Double Stomp Productions

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