When I first started blogging. writing, reviewing and interviewing for one of my fav. sites, Guysnation.com, I found myself caught up in the world of Cosplay. Most of that was due to childhood memories of creating costumes and pretending to be my fav. hero or villain. Getting excited for Halloween, because I had made the perfect batarang that I wanted to show off. But as I got order I shied away from the ways of dressing up like comic characters. I mean, of course my love for comics, anime and manga was still there, but the thrill of creating costumes¬†faded. That is until I started covering Conventions for Guysnation. I found myself conversing with Cosplayers from all around the world of varying skill levels. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of the props and costumes. The dedication and hours of time that were put into every detail. As my love for Cosplaying began to return I noticed the jump in amount of Cosplay interviews I started doing. While working through a stack of interviews I got an idea. How about I through my hat into the whole Cosplay website thing. Now with the help of my son, friends and some very cool people I met through Cosplay, I have craft what I think is a cool site that will cover everything. From Conventions to Cosplayers. From Cosplayer makers to Cosplay outfits and props site reviews. Now of course we will have coverage on anime and video games, because lets face it…those go hand and hand with Cosplaying.


My goal with this site is to make it a one stop site for all Cosplayers, no matter what skill level or location. You wanna learn about how to form a Cosplay group…we will cover it. You want to know about Competitions, we’ll cover it. You want to know what is the best material to make your Zelda dress…we will cover it!!! So browse through the site and enjoy it.


Now if you want to help out with the site and become a contribuater, If you are a Cosplayer that would love to be interviewed, if you are a Cosplay maker and have tips or advice you would like to share, if you are a photgrapher who would like to have their work spotlighted or if you have a Cosplay website and would like to be featured. Feel free to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for joining me on this adventure,

Jack Nickelz